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The ndDataForm is an encapsulated interface control that allows any programmer with an ActiveX compliant development environment or document and with minimum knowledge of coding or database skills to create complete database applications in minutes, anywhere, anytime. Even if you are in the middle of a project, or are just starting, you don't need to make any changes to your actual applications to implement the ndDataForm control. In a few simple steps, programmers can create data browsers, data entry forms, open record forms or delete record forms, without having to actually write any code at all and without having to draw or design the forms themselves. The forms dynamically created for the programmers are fully data aware, containing sorting, searching and printing capabilities. These forms can also be completely customized. Just by setting a few properties you can have date controls, file browser buttons, option boxes or a combo box with data from another database, just to name a few. The engine that creates the form is aware of the data types involved and will, for example, apply the proper formatting to fields of the currency data type. You can also create and assign tabs to controls to have all the information you need inside a professional looking form. You can create the whole database interface of your applications without having to worry about any errors in your code or bugs that normally arise in database projects. The ndDataForm has been thoroughly tested and validated giving you the edge in terms of stability and performance.

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